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Christ's Master Plan

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This diagram shows the process that each local church should go through at least every two years:

1) Christís mandates from the Holy Bible never change. We as His people must often remind ourselves and recommit ourselves to the joyful privilege and duty of performing them.

2) The community around each local church does change rapidly. Each local church must therefore keep careful watch because the local community is the harvest field. A good harvester works the field as the conditions require.

3) The resources of that local church change as God works in the hearts and minds of people. Christ gives gifts. Christ will build His church and empower His people to: 1) Meet the needs of the harvest 2) Care for His sheep in that fold.

4) Christís master plan for each local church is unique. As each body of leaders from each local church bring together these three elements, a fresh vision and plan for his church will emerge. All four gospels were divinely inspired, but each are different. Through the power of Godís Holy Spirit He is able to direct each of His local churches to the next step in His plan for them.

5) This process is not only necessary to keep a local church ďfreshĒ, it is also a necessary step for the revitalizing of a church. After the leadership of the local church has a fresh vision from the Lord, then it must be widely communicated to all the local membership so that they can have ownership and gladly participate in the working out of Godís plan.